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The Ride is over.
Now the real work begins! 

Hunger8On May 22, 2012, the Rev. Scott Alexander wheeled his bicycle into Vero Beach, FL, completing a 3,300-mile cross county bike ride intended to raise $50,000 and heighten awareness of the real challenges of hunger faced by so many people in our community and elsewhere around the world. (Review the local newspaper's coverage or see a televised news report.)

With all the peddling behind us, our community shifts its focus to the vital second phase of The Ride To Beat Hunger. It is called Meal Packing Day and it happens on June 9th.

stop-hunger-1Hundreds of local volunteers will meet at the Gifford Youth Activity Center (4875 43rd Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32967) to pack 100,000 meals to be shipped abroad helping alleviate hunger. Half of the funds raised by "The Ride" go to Stop Hunger Now which purchases food, delivers it to Vero Beach, and organizes our volunteers to assemble these life-saving meal packets.

Learn more about Meal Packing Day by clicking here. You can volunteer for either of two 2-hour shifts. One starts at 9:30 AM, the other at 1:00 PM. One person can enroll as an individual or an entire volunteer team - family, friends, church, civic, or other group. To volunteer, click here and sign up now.

hungerVero Beach minister Scott Alexander has just completed a physical challenge — a 3,300-mile cross-country bike trip dedicated to focusing attention on the severe problems of hunger — and raising $50,000+ to confront the problem here on the Treasure Coast and elsewhere in the world. This website is dedicated to supporting this ambitious undertaking.

Scott's latest blog post is shown below.
To see all of Scott's blog posts, click here.

May 23rd: The Ride is over, and I am grateful.

Well, it has been almost exactly a week since the wonderful "Homecoming Splash Party" at Waldo's on Vero's beachside, and I have no regrets about my big cross-country adventure, only gratitude and satisfaction.  I am thrilled that we have surpassed our $50,000 goal to beat hunger, was so blessed by the company of the companions I shared the ride with, and have a heart filled with gratitude for what was a safe and wonderful adventure.  I st rived to be keenly "mindful" during my month long trip -- mindful of my surroundings as I traversed this beautiful land of ours...and mindful of the people I shared the ride with.  My memories from this trip will last a lifetime, and continue to bless me as I recall this experience to mind and heart.

If you want to watch the video of the sermon I preached my first Sunday back -- when I reflected on the ride and what I learned -- please go to the congregation's website, www.uufvb.org and click on "Watch, listen, or Read Scott's recent sermons" right under my picture on the homepage.  I think you will enjoy the sermon.

Thanks again to the many, many people who made 'The ride to Beat Hunger" such a success.  Knowing I had hundreds of good people "riding with me" through my blog and other means means so much to me.  Blessings to all!

May 22nd: One last day of great cycling, and then a great Splash Party!

splash partyThe last day of the ride was wonderful from start to finish. Bill Penney, Mark Schumann (my faithful and congenial companions for the last 4 days of the ride) and I started out from Titusville (after being lucky enough to watch the spectacular — and rescheduled — SpaceX launch from the Kennedy Space Center at 3:44 am, from the balcony of our guest house) and rode into steady headwinds, which slowed our progress just a bit. But it was a great last day of the ride. The sun was bright, and we enjoyed our trip down Merritt Island to Melbourne, where we had lunch, thanks to Sheri Schumann and Karen Penney, who took such good care of us for the last 4 days. From there, we made our way down to Vero Beach, planning our arrival for 5:30 pm at Waldo's, where more than 350 cheering people awaited us at the Splash Party. 

The Splash Party surpassed my wildest expectations. Honestly, I was nearly exhausted by the attention and kindness directed at me...it was all just a bit much...and I have never before had a police escort, sirens wailing and all. I am so proud that, with the help of countless people, we have succeeded in raising more than $50,000 to address local and global hunger. Last night, the Splash Party was covered by both the local (West Palm) FoxNews and NBC channel 5, so the word about our efforts has spread even further. Now the one remaining piece of the ride is the "Meal Packing Event," Saturday, June 9, at the Gifford Youth Activities Center, where hundreds of volunteers will assemble 100,000 meals destined for the hungry of Haiti. Please look elsewhere on this website for information about how you can participate on that day. 

Thanks to everyone who supported me — in so many different ways — on this month-long cycling and fund-raising adventure. So many good people were involved in this wonderfully successful humanitarian effort to beat hunger. Blessings to all.

TRTBH meal-packing-day

Watch a video explaining the idea behind The Ride To Beat Hunger:

To see this video in a larger format, click here.

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